PoGom Pokemon Map Instructions Catch em All

Pokemon PoGoMap

Pokemon Map Instructions


You have downloaded the PoGom Express installer, but you still need information on configuring the settings. You have come to the right place. Pokemon Map Instructions definitely need to begin with this statement.

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PogoM The Fastest Pokemon Go Map Available


PoGoMap Express Installer – Pokemon Go Map

PogoM The fastest Pokemon Go map available.

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Pokemon Go Appraisals Explained

Pokemon Go Appraisals

Since the launch of Pokémon Go, players have either been using third party tools to estimate IV (individual value stats), or have been in the dark (because these are hidden stats) about the quality of their Pokemon. Niantic has banned quite a few players for using some IV checkers, but I believe that the accounts that were affected were using Pokemon IV checkers that did more than just check IV. The new Pokemon update that was released on August 23rd adds a new feature called Pokemon Go Appraisals.

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Pokemon Go Nests Update

Pokemon Go Nests

Pokemon Go Nests Update

A new Pokemon Go update has arrived, and part of the new update is the change of Pokemon that are in each Pokemon nest.

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